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Chestnut cream - 200 gr

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Gluten free Product for Vegetarians Product for Vegans Lactose free

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Chestnut cream - 200 gr Pian di Reggi

The Pian di Reggi chestnut spread is produced with chestnuts from the chestnut trees adjacent to the laboratory. The chestnuts are certified organic, immersed in the wonderful woods of Casentino, where these fruits are widespread and of high quality.

The freshly picked chestnuts are cut and baked for about 20 minutes until it is easy to remove the pericarp (the peel); the cleaned pulp is then put in a pot for the jams and is left to cook until it is compact, with sugar and an organic vanilla bean. The chestnut spread is then potted and sterilized for storage. Spreading it profusely on pancakes, tarts or even enjoying it by the spoon is a must!

The farm Pian di Reggi is located in a true paradise on Earth. We are in the heart of Casentino, 500 meters above sea level, surrounded by woods, hills and natural springs. Agro-biodiversity is the watchword for these crops, which are born from organic seeds and are cured by hand.

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Gluten free
Product for Vegetarians
Product for Vegans
Non perishable
Lactose free



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