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Organic chestnut cream - 220g

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Organic chestnut cream - 220g Radici

The organic chestnut cream by the Radici farm is made with chestnuts coming from the company’s chestnut orchard. Chestnuts are then dried out in special local desiccators - not the industrial ones - by a fire made with chestnut wood. Afterwards, they are shelled and selected one by one. In order to make the chestnut spread, the Radici company removes the pericarp, i.e. the outer shell, and cooks chestnuts in salted water, so that they can regain the weight they had lost as they dried out.  By using a cutter, chestnuts are puréed and cooked once again to properly mix all the ingredients together and achieve the right density and the perfect sugar content.

Organic chestnut cream also contains organic vanilla which gives the spread a surprising scent and aroma. The excellent work of the Radici company guarantees a prime-quality spread; this farm is located on the slopes of the Pratomagno mount, in Tuscany, where they cultivate organic fruit and vegetables. The ingredients are then always selected and harvested at the right moment, at peak ripeness. They are then processed on the very same day, to keep the freshness and genuine flavour intact even in the processed product.

Chestnut cream, which has a sweet flavour and an enveloping consistency, can be used as a normal spread on bread, or as a cake filling. By adding milk or liquid cream, you will obtain an excellent syrup that tastes amazing with ice creams or panna cotta. We suggest pairing this chestnut spread with chocolate chips, pine nuts, nuts or dried fruit for a recipe that is sure to impress.

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Gluten free
Product for Vegetarians
Product for Vegans
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Lactose free

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