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"Amatriciana" Sauce - 212gr

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Amatriciana (or " Matriciana" in Roman dialect) is a typical condiment for pasta that takes its name from Amatrice , a famous town in the...
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Amatriciana (or "Matriciana" in Roman dialect) is a typical condiment for pasta that takes its name from Amatrice, a famous town in the Lazio region. This recipe was the typical dish of the shepherds of that area, who only had these simple ingredients: dry pasta, guanciale pork jowl, tomatoes and pecorino cheese.

The simpler a dish is, the higher the quality of the ingredients has to be. In this jar by Magie di Sapori you will find all the ancient and genuine flavours of the shepherds from Amatrice, made with care and selected ingredients. A sauce ready to use, to always keep at hand, when you need to change the fate of a sudden dinner or crave some midnight spaghetti.

Magie di Sapori is for true gourmets passionate about traditional Tuscan cuisine. From the heart of Casentino, this company keeps the history of local recipes alive with the utmost attention to raw materials and production techniques, still entirely handmade. For a taste of history, tradition and excellence.


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