Nonno Andrea is a farm located in Villorba in the fertile plain near Treviso, surrounded by nature. The farm stretches over 150 acres of difficult, rocky soil which gives mineral properties to the farm produce. Everything is cultivated in harmony with nature and the living species making up the local ecosystem. As a matter of fact, environmental protection is the most important core value of the Nonno Andrea company; that’s why the company makes its own energy by using solar panels, uses recyclable material for its packaging and manages the company in an overall sustainable way, avoiding any type of waste.

By environmental protection we also mean the protection of nature in all its aspects: the farm guarantees and monitors the soil, air and water quality, as well as the fauna and flora in all its fields, in compliance with the principles of agricultural biodiversity. For this reason, the company was awarded the “Biodiversity friendly” certification, the first certification for biodiversity in farming, assessing soil and environment quality, by checking, among others, whether organisms and microorganisms live in the soil. In order to obtain a balanced ecosystem, the company planted hedgerows and built nests and bug hotels, trying to protect the fauna which is paramount to have a healthy soil and to make genuine, high-quality products.

The Nonno Andrea company likes to experiment with new ideas and flavour combinations; seasonal produce, which is cultivated in the company-owned vegetable garden, is processed right after it is harvested, in order to keep the genuine flavour and nutrients intact. The farm produce is fully natural and hence, does not always look perfect. The company makes several types of vegetables packed in oil, such as the famous PGI Radicchio rosso di Treviso packed in oil, preserves, mostarda and natural ketchup. Each jar is packed with utter care and love for nature and the local territory, which are also put into practice by implementing concrete measures to leave a better world for our children.