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Casentino Grey Pork Loin - 1kg

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Casentino Grey Pork Loin - 1kg I Commensali

Pork loin is a traditional Tuscan dish; it is a refined meat cut taken from the pigs back. We only choose the highest quality of Casentino grey pork supplied by I Commensali. 

This meat is so delicious and flavourful that you do not need to do much to turn it into an extraordinary dish! Do not be deceived by the fat layer that envelops the exquisite lean meat! Since they are reared in the wild, grey pigs develop a high content of fat mass to protect themselves from the cold winter in Casentino; it is a good fat, though, that is unsaturated and not harmful to health and that enhances the dish in a unique way.

Casentino grey pig is a swine breed resulting from the cross of “Large white” sows with “Cinta senese” boars. The company I Commensali rears them in the semi-wild on the slopes of the National park of the Casentino forests in a wonderful valley, where they eat in a natural way and live outdoors in the fresh air.

We like to cook it with just a thread of extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper and fennel, but it also tastes extraordinary with apples, potatoes or prunes. 

*1kg corresponds to more or less 5 pork loin slices

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