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Casentino Grey Pork dried Sambudello sausage – 250 gr

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An ancient sausage, which is a true celebration of all those cuts that are wrongly considered less noble . In the sambudello sausage there are,...
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An ancient sausage, which is a true celebration of all those cuts that are wrongly considered less noble. In the sambudello sausage there are, in fact, mixed and fifth quarter cuts, such as lungs, tongue, ears and trimmings of head and cheek. A product with a peculiar taste, which we made more "accessible" by studying a balanced recipe, that everyone can enjoy.

This sausage has so much to teach us: the farmers of the past knew perfectly that ALL meat is precious and that no cut can be wasted. To rediscover it today, when the market leads us towards an increasingly narrow and homologated selection, is an ethical choice that respects the animal and gives us the opportunity to enjoy once more an ancient taste, a timeless goodness.

All of Grigio del Casentino’s products are healthy, genuine, authentic and sustainable. The pigs, which are slaughtered when they’re at least 14 months old, live in the semi-wild state in the woods of Casentino, where they feed on what nature offers. The preparations follow the ancient recipes, without preservatives, dyes, nitrites, nitrates, artificial flavours or thickeners. The meat is better and more genuine, but also ethical because, as they say, "all the pork is edible” and the project of Grigio del Casentino is just to enhance every single cut, every single bite of sincere goodness.


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Gluten free
Lactose free

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