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Fresh Egg Tagliatelle - 300g

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Fresh Egg Tagliatelle - 300g Pancini

As a real symbol of Italian culinary tradition, a proper Sunday meal should never miss a plate full of fresh egg tagliatelle. This dish is always exceptional, whether you serve it with meat or vegetable-based sauces or with truffle or fish sauces. There is a world of difference between industrial and hand-made tagliatelle: fresh ingredients and a proper preparation completely change the end result. In the Pancini bakery tagliatelle is prepared with few ingredients - only the right ones. The eggs are all extremely fresh and of the highest quality. The pasta is properly rolled and is rough, ready to soak in any sauce.

A question that often arises regards how much fresh tagliatelle each person should be served. The ideal serving is 100 grams each. One advantage of hand-made fresh tagliatelle is that you can easily freeze it raw and then cook it without thawing it!

We like to add to our tagliatelle:
  • Truffle
  • Meat sauces
  • Fish-based sauces
  • Sausages and bolete mushrooms

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