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Fresh Sambudello sausage 4 pieces - 600g

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Fresh Sambudello sausage 4 pieces - 600g Salumi di Scarpaccia

There is an old saying: “no part of the pig should be thrown away” and the Sambudello sausage is a perfect example of that. This old cold cut called Sambudello, belonging to the regional tradition of Toscana, Emilia-Romagna and Umbria, is only made by the most skilled local butchers. It is described as the poor version of sausages, because, although it is made with a similar mixture, meat from less refined cuts is added to the Sambudello mix, such as the pig’s heart. The mixture is then kneaded with spices and fennel seeds. This traditional cold cut can only be found in selected local butcheries that were able to trace these high-quality ingredients. That’s why we have chosen the Scarpaccia cured meats company, a family business operating in the middle of Casentino, which crafts cold cuts and cured meats belonging to local tradition.

Scarpaccia cured meats operates right where this typical product comes from; this company only uses prime-quality Italian pork for its ground meat which is then filled in only natural casings. This local delicacy is made exclusively by hand following centuries-old traditions. Finding the right ingredients and crafting this sausage by hand are key factors to create a Sambudello with its signature look and flavour. Two versions of Sambudello exist: fresh Sambudello - which is left to dry for roughly a week - and cured Sambudello - which ages for two months.

Sambudello has a soft texture, a dark red colour, a robust and spicy flavour and an intense scent of spices. The fresh Sambudello sausages are traditionally grilled and served with pan-tossed vegetables, mashed potatoes and lentil or bean stew.  

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