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Spicy tomato passata (strained tomato puree) – 300

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The farm Pian di Reggi is located in a small paradise on earth . We are in the heart of Casentino , 500 meters above sea level, surrounded by...
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  • Gluten free
  • Product for Vegetarians
  • Product for Vegans
  • Non perishable
  • Lactose free
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The farm Pian di Reggi is located in a small paradise on earth. We are in the heart of Casentino, 500 meters above sea level, surrounded by woods, hills and natural springs. Agro-biodiversity is the watchword for these crops, which are born from organic seeds and are cured by hand. And this is exactly how the best, healthy, genuine and rich in taste tomatoes are born.

The ripe tomatoes are processed with wisdom and ingredients of the highest quality in order to produce this spicy but not dramatically peppery passata. You can of course taste the chili pepper, but it doesn’t cover the tomato’s wholesome and full-bodied flavour. This sauce is perfect on pasta, bruschettas, but also paired with meat or fish second courses. Delicious and convenient as well, all it takes it to open the jar, heat slightly and season!

The farm Pian di Reggi cultivates and works fruits and vegetables in the utmost respect of the territory. The quality of these products is really exceptional: the harvest takes place at the exact moment of ripeness and for the processing of the products dyes, preservatives, thickening agents or chemical additives are off limits. Even a bite is enough to fall in love with these products, which hold all the taste of nature.


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Gluten free
Product for Vegetarians
Product for Vegans
Non perishable
Lactose free
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