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Organic Beans with Tuscan Kale - 350g

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Gluten free Product for Vegetarians Product for Vegans Lactose free Organic

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Organic Beans with Tuscan Kale - 350g Radici

The Radici farm is aware that people tend to dedicate less time to cooking, because of fast-paced, tight work schedules. Ready-to-eat dishes on the market are often filled with chemical preservatives and additives, though; luckily, Radici offers a healthy alternative, i.e. traditional, Tuscan dishes that are genuine and made with organic ingredients. Moreover, Radici does not use any flavour enhancers or preservatives - only organic ingredients and the flavour of nature.

This bean and Tuscan kale dish is made with 65% Cannellini beans and 27% kale; kale has always been cultivated in Tuscany and is, hence, part of many local recipes. The dish is then dressed with extra virgin olive oil, garlic, vegetable stock, salt, pepper and red hot chilli pepper - all of them organic. The ingredients of the ready-to-serve dishes by Radici come from the company’s own fields in Tuscany, where Radici cultivates them with great care. According to what nature dictates, vegetables are harvested at peak ripeness and immediately processed, in order to guarantee the absolute freshness of their products.

Beans and kale, which do not necessarily need to be warmed up, are ideal as a side dish, with salad or on bruschetta. Add some water or broth, rice or other cereals or even some bread to turn these beans and kale into a delicious soup.

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Gluten free
Product for Vegetarians
Product for Vegans
Non perishable
Lactose free



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