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Modica chocolate and sicilian nougats

Sabadì, as the founder of the brand Simone Sabaini says, is perhaps the day that does not exist, it’s the day when we slow down and we try to take the time to enjoy the little things. And this is exactly Sabadì’s mission, to give us a pinch of joy every day. How is this possible? With simply exceptional products, made only with top quality ingredients.

Let’s start from Modica chocolate, Sabadì’s signature product. It has a grainy and rough consistency, given by sugar that, worked at low temperatures, does not melt. Organic, with fair trade raw materials and Slow Food presidia, in fact it won the Tavoletta d’Oro (Golden Tablet) award for 10 consecutive years.

Classic chocolate is no different. Sabadì enriches it with unique raw materials, selected with the utmost care to offer a truly incredible sensory experience. It ranges from the wild herbs of the Sicilian scrub to the certified excellences, such as the Bronte green pistachio PDO, the Roman Noto almonds or the Ciaculli late season Mandarin, both Slow Food presidia.

A separate discussion should be made for honey, the main element of Sicilian nougats. Sabadì uses exclusively the one from the Sicilian black honeybee and combines the different types of honey to the various products. There's meticulous attention to raw materials and the balance of flavors, which brings these products to an absolutely superior level. To top it all off, Sabadì cooperates with the Naturale brand in the production of organic wines and with the DaSud brand it offers the best products from small farmers and Sicilian artisans.

Sabadì celebrates the flavors of Sicilian tradition and combines them with explosive creativity. If you visit Modica, stop to admire the first chocolate aging cellar in the world, a magical place where chocolate is enriched with scents and intensity. In a day that maybe doesn’t exist, or maybe it does.