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Piece of flavoured pork fatback - 600g

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Piece of flavoured pork fatback - 600g Salumi di Scarpaccia

Flavoured pork fatback - lardo - is a delicacy made with the layer of fat covering the pork loin, which is seasoned with aromas and spices and aged according to tradition. It has a white and slightly pink colour; its texture is compact and solid enough to slice, but it is still tender and delicate as pork fatback should be. It is important to purchase high-quality fatback, since low-quality fatback could easily turn rancid, resulting in a sour flavour. That is why we have chosen Scarpaccia cured meats: this reliable company offers only prime-quality products.

Scarpaccia cured meats is a family-run business combining artisan skills and traditions to make delicious and refined cold cuts. All steps of the production process are performed by hand: from meat preparation to packaging. The pork fatback by Scarpaccia cured meats has a delicate flavour and a fragrance and scent of spices with which the product is seasoned. The pork fatback is then left to age for several months, allowing it to slowly develop its unique taste. Pork fatback has a melt-in-mouth texture because of its soft consistency and leaves a delicious enveloping taste in the mouth.

We suggest cutting it into thin slices and putting it on toasted bread. Once in contact with the heat, the pork fatback becomes transparent and unleashes a sublime taste. Or you can also add some to kick up the flavour of dishes such as soups, roasts or even polenta.

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