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“Gòtto” the Swindler salami - 1kg

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“Gòtto” the Swindler salami - 1kg Salumi di Scarpaccia

“Gòtto” the Swindler is the little brother of “Gòtto - The vintner’s salami”, another excellent product by Scarpaccia cured meats. This family-run company, operating in the middle of the Casentino area, crafts refined cold cuts, using exclusively Italian pork which has been worked by hand. “Gòtto” is a salami with a one-of-a-kind flavour and look: as a matter of fact, it is filled in non-edible casing which is shaped like a Tuscan straw wine bottle. Its look is so unique that it was patented in Europe.

Unlike its brother filled with salami, “Gòtto” the Swindler is filled with delicious sbriciolona fennel seed salami, the specialty of this Tuscan company. Its name comes from “gòtto” which is a word used by guests when they ask the innkeeper for a “gòtto di vino”, a drop of wine. It was nicknamed “the swindler”, because of the fennel seed salami. As a matter of fact, back in the day innkeepers used to serve this cold cut to their guests, since the aroma unleashed by the fennel seeds would mask the taste of a less refined wine. That’s why the Tuscan word for cheating or tricking someone, “infinocchiare”, actually includes the world fennel (finocchio).

Scarpaccia cured meats make this incredible delicacy - associated with many ancient traditions and some funny anecdotes - by combining a fully manual production with excellent ingredients. “Gòtto” the Swindler salami tastes amazing on bread slices and with a drop of wine, possibly a good one!


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Gluten free
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