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"Meravigliao" Pecorino cheese - refined in cocoa - 325/650/1300 g

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Gluten free Product for Vegetarians

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"Meravigliao" Pecorino cheese - refined in cocoa - 325/650/1300 g De' Magi

The "Meravigliao" pecorino cheese refined in cocoa represents the union between two excellent products: the golden rind Pecorino by Andrea De' Magi with Vestri chocolate. That's where the skills as cheese affineur and the desire to experiment of Andrea De' Magi come into play, showing why he was giving the nickname "the cheese alchemist". As a matter of fact, De' Magi likes to combine new flavours to create unique cheeses, real works of art, such as this incredible flavour combination of aged cheese with cocoa beans. 

Beside his undeniable talent as cheese refiner, the high-quality of raw materials helps creating incredibly delicious cheeses. That's why Andrea De' Magi has chosen the classic golden rind pecorino cheese, with its excellent sensory properties, and has combined it with cocoa from the Dominican Republic. This cocoa comes from plantations and has sensory, physicochemical and biological properties that are specific to its place of origin. Plantations are constantly monitored and processing is done by hand, without any chemical preservatives or additives. Lab analyses ensure that each manufacturing step is thoroughly checked, in order to produce a genuine raw material free of contaminants, perfect for De’ Magi’s aging process. 

The pecorino cheese is placed in durmast barrels with toasted cocoa beans and cocoa powder, which give the rind a brownish colour. The flavour is really unique: slightly salty with a light bitter note reminiscent of toasted cocoa. We suggest eating the rind of the "Meravigliao" pecorino for a stronger flavour. 

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Gluten free
Product for Vegetarians



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