"Scapece" zucchini - 200gr

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Casa Iuorio’s “scapece” zucchini are a real delicacy. The zucchini are from the farm’s garden , where sustainable agriculture is applied, the...
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  • Product for Vegetarians
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  • Lactose free
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Casa Iuorio’s “scapece” zucchini are a real delicacy. The zucchini are from the farm’s garden, where sustainable agriculture is applied, the cycles of the earth and the seasons are respected, there are no greenhouses and no chemical agents are used. Perfectly ripe zucchini are harvested by hand, cut into slices and left in the sun to dry. Once ready, they are fried and seasoned with fresh garlic, mint, oregano, vinegar and olive oil.

In the laboratory next to the vegetable garden, the zucchini are transformed thanks to the expert hands of the local women, keepers of the best recipes and the most traditional techniques. In the “scapece” zucchini you can feel all the taste of nature, the passion for good food, the love for the territory and its precious fruits. Try them as a side dish, on pizza, in a sandwich or to season pasta!

Casa Iuorio is a farm from Palomonte, in the province of Salerno, now reaching the fourth generation. Here are produced pickled products just like the old days, exceptional sauces and creams, compotes and jams that taste like nature. Ancient tastes, simple products, traditional recipes from the fields to your table, only passing through the expert hands of Casa Iuorio.


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Product for Vegetarians
Product for Vegans
Non perishable
Lactose free
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