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Briacacio cheese - 230gr

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Briacacio cheese - 230gr De' Magi

De’ Magi’s “Briacacio” is one of Andrea Magi’s most yummy intuitions, our alchemist of the cheese. In fact, to produce Briacacio he borrowed the syrup and raisins used by Montevarchi Bonci Bakery for the preparation of their Panbriacone, an amazing cake to say the least.

Briacacio is an award-winning sheep marbled cheese nationally and internationally. Its nature is the result of contradictions that blend together to create a perfect balance between the savory and pungent taste of sheep’s milk and the sweetness of the raisins and syrup. The crust is moist, the paste almost crumbly with a well-present marbling: one more contrast that makes this cheese absolutely unique. It is born as a dessert cheese, but can be easily tasted anytime during a meal, always at room temperature.

Andrea Magi is a cheese affineur, a cheesemonger, a true alchemist. Cheese is his passion and his mission is to enhance the different tastes to create the perfect chemistry. To do so, he experiments with new seasonings using natural and traditional techniques, but also making use of modern technologies that allow him to comply with the highest standards of hygiene and always ensure the best quality.

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