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Drunken Pecorino Cheese - 325/650/1300 g

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Gluten free Product for Vegetarians

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Drunken Pecorino Cheese - 325/650/1300 g De' Magi

The drunken pecorino, a creation by Andrea De' Magi, the cheese alchemist, is an outcome of his curiosity-driven research work. An excellent pecorino cheese is aged under grape pomace (i.e. pressed grape skins) which is used to produce delicious local wine. He uses different types of grape pomace according to season and his desire to experiment new combinations: several types of grape pomace have already been tested, such as San Giovese, Merlot and Trebbiano, or even grape pomace used for vin santo sweet dessert wine, such as Malvasia. This particular type of aging gives the cheese a unique and always different flavour, as well as a sweet wine smell

Andrea De' Magi was able to transform his great passion into a career and became a very successful cheese refiner. He is always looking for new flavours and combinations; that's where he gets his name "the cheese alchemist". He takes particular care of all its cheeses; he employs natural techniques - for instance he lets cheese age in caves which are an ideal aging location - to which he combines modern technologies for an exceptional quality. 

The drunken pecorino has a thin rind which is not too hard due to the contact with damp grape skins. The rind still has some skins attached to it and is white with purplish spots. Besides having a lactic odour, this cheese also gives off an alcoholic fermented smell which varies depending on the vine variety used. Its balanced flavour with a slight acidity makes it ideal as a starter or in a tasting selection. 

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Gluten free
Product for Vegetarians



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