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Piparellino pecorino cheese - 500 gr

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Gluten free Product for Vegetarians

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Piparellino pecorino cheese - 500 gr De' Magi

De’ Magi’s Piparellino Pecorino is a small in size but great in taste kind of cheese. It is produced with sheep milk, seasoned with Volterra salt and refined in stone caves inside De’ Magi’s premises, with natural temperature and humidity, for a finished product that is a real treat. It has good intensity and medium persistence, a butter and dried fruit aroma and a crumbly consistency. 

Its small size makes it the perfect cheese for appetizers: say goodbye to the usual platters, you can dig the Piparellino with the appropriate knife and bring it to the table directly in its block, for an appetizer that is unconventional in style but traditional – and excellent – in taste. What food can you pair it with? Certainly with dried fruit, walnuts in particular to recall its scent, as well as fresh or preserved pears, grapes or honey, the contrast with the sweetness of acacia honey is exceptional. 

Andrea Magi is a cheese affineur, a cheesemonger, a true alchemist. Cheese is his passion and his mission is to enhance the different tastes to create the perfect chemistry. To do so, he experiments with new seasonings using natural and traditional techniques, but also making use of modern technologies that allow him to comply with the highest standards of hygiene and always ensure the best quality.

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Gluten free
Product for Vegetarians



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