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Tuscan “Crostino” Sauce - 180gr

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The “crostino toscano” is the most classic of Tuscan appetizers and it’s essential for the holidays . Tasty and intensely flavoured, the sauce...
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The “crostino toscano” is the most classic of Tuscan appetizers and it’s essential for the holidays. Tasty and intensely flavoured, the sauce is prepared with chicken livers, celery, carrots, onion, Vinsanto wine, anchovies and capers. The combination may seem strange at first, but Scarpaccia’s “crostino” sauce will change your mind: if dosed to perfection, these ingredients create a perfect balance of flavours!

In Scarpaccia’s “crostino toscano”, also called “crostino nero” for its dark colour, you will find only natural ingredients, processed with traditional methods according to jealously guarded recipes and handed down from generation to generation. The texture is soft but full-bodied, the aroma is unmistakable. The carefully selected ingredients come together to create a unique and special taste, the true taste of Tuscan tradition. 

Salumi di Scarpaccia, at the foot of Mount Falterona, produces exceptional sausages, cold cuts and local products since 1960, still traditionally made. The recipes are those of the territory, the preparations still entirely handmade, the taste is genuine and unforgettable. The best tradition, in the most comfortable format.


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