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Candidum vaccino cheese - 500 g

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Candidum vaccino cheese - 500 g De' Magi

The Candidum Vaccino cheese by Andrea De’ Magi is a soft cheese with a very delicate flavour. Its pure white rind has a surface mould. It is a very special cheese: it ages for 25 to 30 days at -10°C and at 90-95% humidity. These specific conditions create a microclimate inside the cheese ripening rooms, which facilitates the development of a soft white layer of Penicillium candidum, a microscopic mushroom which gives the cheese a unique aroma of fresh champignon mushroom.

Andrea De’ Magi, whose nickname is the cheese alchemist, is a very successful cheese refiner who pays a particular attention to cheese ageing. His meticulous attention to details means that every cheese ripening room, as well as the most important parameters, such as temperature and humidity, are thoroughly checked. Andrea managed to combine traditional natural techniques, such as cheese-ageing caves - which have always been an ideal place to let cheeses rest - to modern technologies, such as the machines used to constantly check the cheese wheels during ripening. Candidum Vaccino has a clear champignon mushroom smell on the outside and notes of cream, butter and nut on the inside. It has a sweet flavour with an undergrowth aroma; the rind is edible, but we suggest tasting it only after having eaten the cheese paste. It is ideal for a cheese tasting, but can also be used on hot dishes: the paste melts and the rind imparts an exceptional aroma to the dish.

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