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“La Torre” (The rook) cheese - 270 g

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Gluten free Product for Vegetarians

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“La Torre” (The rook) cheese - 270 g De' Magi

The art of Andrea De’ Magi and his great mastery of cheese-making craft are shown off in “La Torre” (The rook) by Andrea de’ Magi. This cheese is made from three types of milk: cow, sheep and goat milk, which are skilfully mixed by the expert cheese alchemist. Although these three milks have different features, they end up mixing up perfectly and creating a unique flavour and texture.

These delicacy by De’ Magi was called “La Torre” (the rook), because it develops vertically, thus showcasing a very particular and unique appearance. In order to create this sublime cheese, the milk is thermised, so that a part of the bacterial flora stays alive, and it is then left to coagulate with added starter cultures and rennet; then Andrea De’ Magi puts it manually into the moulds, where the cheese is left to ripe for some days.

“La Torre” has an edible rind with a surface mould; it smells like yoghurt and aromas and has an intense animal odour, which is common in goat cheeses. Thanks to its sweet and slightly pungent flavour, it is perfect in a tasting selection and tastes amazing together with fresh fruit or balsamic vinegar.

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Gluten free
Product for Vegetarians



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