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Whole Salami - 600 g

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Whole Salami - 600 g Salumi di Scarpaccia

Salami is surely one of the most famous cold cuts not only in Italy, but also everywhere else in the world. There are salami of every shape and price, but they don’t all have the same quality or flavour. To be on the safe side, we chose the products of Scarpaccia cured meats, a family-run business operating in the middle of the Casentino area. This company rooted in traditions still makes its cold cuts by hand; every manufacturing step is performed by hand: from preparing the meat to tying the salami. Moreover, Scarpaccia cured meats only uses carefully selected Italian meat, thus always ensuring prime-quality raw materials.

This whole salami is made from fresh and lean meat coming from the pig’s shoulder and neck; little cubes of fatback are added, which give the salami a softer texture. The salami is then seasoned according to tradition and left to age for around two months in cool rooms. During the aging period a thin layer of noble mould develops on the salami casing, helping it develop all its aromas.

Scarpaccia cured meats makes cold cuts for everybody: as a matter of fact, their products do not contain allergens. This company from Casentino emphasizes the value of pork - which has been an important source of income for many years in this region - and creates true flavourful works of art to enjoy in every occasion.

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