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"Spinello" Cheese with sea-buckthorn liqueur - 100 g

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Gluten free Product for Vegetarians

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"Spinello" Cheese with sea-buckthorn liqueur - 100 g De' Magi

This "Spinello" cheese by Andrea De' Magi is part of the selection of cheeses whose rind is treated with alcohol and it has a cylindrical form reminding that of a cigarette. Its name comes from the Tuscan herbal liqueur “Spinello” made with sea-buckthorn berries, with which this cheese is treated. Its orange colour is given by Annatto, a natural plant-based colouring, which also corresponds to the liqueur original colour. Since Annato is a natural dye, the rind is edible. 

The "Spinello" is a two-milk cheese, made from mixed cow and goat milk. The very thin rind is washed with Spinello liqueur by following several steps; then the cheese is double-wrapped to preserve the fragrance and scent it has acquired during the refining process. Andrea De' Magi is called "the cheese alchemist", because he likes to try out new combinations and create unique flavours which develop during the refining process.

"Spinello" won the first place in the soft cheese category in the contest for cheese affineurs “Stupore e emozione" in 2016, even before being placed on the market. Its scent is reminiscent of cream with vegetable notes and it has a light alcohol hint; the taste is fairly sweet with a hint of acidity and bitterness given by the liqueur. It is ideal with starters, aperitifs or even pasta and risotto dishes. To be able to fully enjoy its sensory properties, we recommend eating it at room temperature and keeping it wrapped until the very last moment. 

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Gluten free
Product for Vegetarians
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