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"Lavatella" Cheese - 700 g

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"Lavatella" Cheese - 700 g De' Magi

This small cheese made from cow’s milk is called the "Lavatella" and originally comes from the region of Lombardy. It is a washed-rind cheese, hence the name "Lavatella" (which comes from the Italian verb “lavare”, to wash). As a matter of fact, this cheese is washed as many as three times with brine, made with water and salt from Cervia. The "Lavatella" is a small cheese with a big taste, since the salt is able to penetrate the rind. 

Andrea De' Magi, the great cheese alchemist, is a cheese refiner and creator of this little culinary jewel. Andrea takes care of his cheeses in a meticulous way and always tries to come up with new combinations and flavours to create unique products, actual works of art. The artisanal manufacture is combined with the use of modern technologies that allow a constant monitoring of cheeses during the ripening period, to always guarantee top quality. 

The "Lavatella"’s aroma is reminiscent of yoghurt and butter with notes of fresh grass. Its flavour is quite salty and the paste has a melt-in-mouth texture and a persistent aroma, especially if it is eaten with the rind. It is perfect for a tasting selection or as an ingredient for hot dishes. For instance, the "Lavatella" perfectly complements polenta and creates an irresistible mix of flavours and aromas. 

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