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“L'alfiere” (The bishop) cheese - 270 g

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Gluten free Product for Vegetarians

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“L'alfiere” (The bishop) cheese - 270 g De' Magi

The goat cheese par excellence, “L’alfiere” (the bishop) by Andrea De’ Magi is an excellent multiple award-winning cheese. As a matter of fact, it won many prizes, such as the Excellence prize in the only national goat-cheese contest “All’ombra della Madonnina”, as well as the Golden Medal in 2015 as the best goat cheese in the ALMA CASEUS contest. The name “L’alfiere” (the bishop) was chosen to represent the importance of this cheese which is a flagship product of the De’ Magi company. It is only made from goat milk and thanks to its harmonious flavour, it is loved even by those people that usually don’t like goat cheese.

The incredible refining and ripening processes - albeit short - let this cheese develop an exceptional flavour and character. Andrea De’ Magi - a well-renowned cheese refiner - pays particular attention to the ripening process which is absolutely pivotal to obtain cheese with excellent sensory properties. That’s why each cheese is handled with a great care and an almost obsessive love, like he himself describes his passion.

Its ridged and bloomy rind is edible; the paste is creamy but compact and has a beautiful creamy colour. The aroma is reminiscent of yeast, with the signature goat animal scent, while the sweet and very persistent flavour becomes more distinctive as maturation progresses. It is a very versatile cheese: it can be used for a tasting selection, to dress risotto and pasta dishes or to prepare the filling for fresh pasta. It can even be used as an ingredient for a very original cheesecake. “L’alfiere” (the bishop) is available in a 270g format.

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Gluten free
Product for Vegetarians
award-winning product



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