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“La Regina” (the queen) Cheese - 270 g

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Gluten free Product for Vegetarians

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“La Regina” (the queen) Cheese - 270 g De' Magi

“La Regina” (the queen) by De’ Magi is a two-milk cheese, i.e. it is made from a mixed sheep and cow milk. It has a very thin rind, covered by a light layer of penicillium candidum which gives it a white colour and a very particular scent. Its paste is ivory in colour and gets creamier as the ripening progresses, making it impossible to resist!

This cheese is called the queen, because it is refined and very delicate, but aromatic at the same time. Its cream and butter fragrance with fresh grass and undergrowth notes is inebriating, while its sweet flavour and buttery texture makes it a beloved and well-liked cheese, just like a real queen. Andrea De’ Magi, also called the cheese alchemist, is a great cheese-refiner and pays particular attention to the aging process, in order to create actual works of art. The queen is surely a winning piece in every cheese collection.

"La Regina" is ideal in a mixed cheese platter, along with cold cuts or with pasta and risotto dishes. In order to fully appreciate its excellent sensory properties, we recommend eating it at room temperature. “La Regina” is available in a 270g format.

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Gluten free
Product for Vegetarians



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