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‘Nduja sausage with onions - 180g

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‘Nduja sausage with onions - 180g L'artigiano della Nduja

The ‘Nduja salami spread combined with onions creates a red-brown pâté with a soft, spreadable consistency. The spicy flavour of the ‘Nduja from Spilinga perfectly complements the sweet taste of onions, resulting in a spread with an intense and spicy flavour. Try it on bruschetta, add it to meat and fish dishes or use it to prepare traditional Calabrian dishes.

The ‘Nduja sausage originally comes from Calabria, from the town of Spilinga, homeland of this delicacy that has since taken over the whole word. Right in Spilinga, L’Artigiano della ‘Nduja, the ‘Nduja craftsman Luigi Caccamo, makes this product by hand guided by strict values, such as environment protection, high quality of raw materials, waste reduction. His products are genuine and are the result of his town’s centuries-old traditions.

‘Nduja is a soft spicy salami made with pork fatback, jowl and belly. L’Artigiano della ‘Nduja likes to spice it up by adding red hot chilli peppers from the Poro mount, which have naturally dried without any chemical substances. To make his little jars, he takes the ‘Nduja out of the casings and packs it in prime olive oil.

We love it with:

  • Bruschetta

  • Spaghetti with tomato sauce

  • Pizza

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Gluten free
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Lactose free



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