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  • Ferragosto’s picnic
    Ferragosto’s picnic

    Ferragosto is approaching, whip out the picnic baskets! What are we taking? All quick preparations to make and practical to carry and eat - dishes and cutlery are hardly needed! The secret? The best Italian cured meats.

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  • Precious grains from the Vercelli plain
    Precious grains from the Vercelli plain

    Have you ever thought about how much work goes behind a packet of rice? How important the territory, the processing techniques and the packaging method are? To think all of this doesn’t affect the taste is a huge mistake. And while looking for the best flavour, we found Acquerello, a rice that has really made the history of our cuisine.

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  • A pasta format…That is a keeper!
    A pasta format…That is a keeper!

    Ziti are among the most typical pasta shapes of Campania. The traditional recipe thinks they must be paired with Genoese sauce, a true celebration dish. They’re also great with fish, vegetables, baked or any way you like, because when the pasta is good, it really goes with everything!

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  • How is goodness preserved?
    How is goodness preserved?

    What do ham, a jar of pickles and a stockfish have in common? And capers in salt and smoked meat? Ok, I’ll tell you: these are all strategic systems that humans have discovered to store food during lean periods. Today we’ll talk specifically about canned foods, a delicacy signed by the Radici farm.

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  • Discovering the fifth taste
    Discovering the fifth taste

    Sweet, salty, sour, bitter and… Umami! The "tasty" taste of soy sauce, dried mushrooms, seasoned parmesan and our favourite umami food, black garlic! How is it produced? How do you use it in the kitchen? Read on and you’ll find out!

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  • A tour in Lazio to discover the true Pecorino
    A tour in Lazio to discover the true Pecorino

    What do you think of when I say “spaghetti amatriciana”? And “pasta alla gricia”? Or maybe you’d prefer a nice “cacio e pepe”? Very well, if you want to master these dishes like a real pro, you cannot not know the two products that make these delicacies possible: Pecorino Romano cheese and Pecorino cheese from Amatrice.

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  • Recipes…The spicy ones!
    Recipes…The spicy ones!

    Today we’re talking about nduja salami from Spilinga, the most representative gastronomic product of Calabria. Soft texture and strong taste, this spreadable salami is a real delicacy. But how can we use it in the kitchen? Here are some recipes to add some spice to your summer dinners!

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  • Everything you need to know for an epic barbecue
    Everything you need to know for an epic barbecue

    So, how about a nice barbecue? Delicious, isn’t it? If you can believe it, all you need is high quality meat. And you’re in luck, because we have just the thing for you. Light the fire, time to grill!

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  • Why choose PGI pasta
    Why choose PGI pasta

    Gragnano pasta is an excellence of the territory. But what’s so special about it? And how is it produced? To discover its history and all its qualities, have a read here!

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  • Yes to cheese, but lactose-free: here’s how!
    Yes to cheese, but lactose-free: here’s how!

    Did you ever have a lactose-intolerant guest for dinner but had no idea that they were? Perhaps right after you put together a rich cheese platter? Pretty embarrassing, isn’t it? It is not necessary to opt for entirely vegan alternatives, because fortunately there are many lactose-free cheeses perfect for any platter that comes to mind!

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  • Who says there’s only tuna in oil?
    Who says there’s only tuna in oil?

    From Marzamemi’s tuna fish factories…The greater amberjack! Tradition and environmental sustainability: fishing is exclusively by angling in the Mediterranean, the processing entirely made by hand, in short it’s a delight to always keep in the pantry!

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  • When whole is better than sliced
    When whole is better than sliced

    We already know that dry-cured ham is one of the best and most symbolic products of our territory. But do you also know what the differences are, in terms of taste, between a sliced one and a whole one? Read our article and make room in the pantry: there is a great 7 kg ham that’s only waiting for you!

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