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Buy online Lombardy food | traditional Lombardy specialties

Lombardy food

Traditional culinary products of Lombardy are very varied and go hand in hand with the region’s history. For instance, the region inherited cold cuts from the Lombards. As a matter of fact, Lombards were the first to preserve meat inside a casing; that’s how salami came to be.

One of the most beloved specialities of the region Lombardy is PDO Salame di Varzi: an aromatic salami with a sweet flavour. And what about Lombard cheeses? Many great cheeses such as Taleggio, Strachitunt, Gorgonzola and Toma are produced in the Bergamo province. Many of these cheeses have obtained the PDO certification, and rightly so.

Talking about Lombard specialties, your mouth starts to water at the thought of Panettone from Milan and the amazing nougat from Cremona. It is such a pity to eat them only when Christmas comes around, and that’s why we sell these delicacies all year round!

Two words best describe our assortment of Lombardy food: selection and authenticity. We carefully select all of our manufacturers and add products to our selection only if they pass two very strict tests: production must follow very high quality standards and the flavour must be nothing short of extraordinary.

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Salame di Varzi PDO - short "filzetta" - 500g

Price €23.90

Salame di Varzi PDO - "Torto" (formerly "Cacciatore") - 250g

Price €11.90

Salame di Varzi PDO - with sewn casings, small - 1kg

Price €49.90

Strachitunt Cheese PDO - 300 g

Price €10.50

Taleggio soft cheese PDO (with red lettering) – 2kg

Price €35.90

Soft cheese

Tomabigia soft cheese – 1kg

Price €21.90

Formaggella Bergamina semi-cooked curd cheese – 600g

Price €14.90

BICERIN - Handmade Panettone with espresso coffee and gianduja - 500g

Price €29.99


Price €29.99

Naturally leavened ORGANIC CLASSIC PANETTONE - 850g

Price €39.99

Classic nougat by Fratelli Rivoltini - 200g

Price €7.90

Chocolate-covered classic almond nougat - 100g

Price €3.90

Soft almond nougat - 100g

Price €3.90

Almond nougat with mixed fruit and chocolate - 180g

Price €7.90

Pear and Nut Mostarda from Cremona - 250g

Price €10.90

Assorted candied fruit Mostarda from Cremona - 450g

Price €12.90

Wild Strawberry Mostarda from Cremona - 250g

Price €12.90

Ginger and Lemon Mostarda from Cremona - 250g

Price €10.90

Onion and Orange Mostarda from Cremona - 250g

Price €10.90

Sweet and sour red onion of Piacenza - 350g

Price €10.90

Sweet and sour sautéed aubergines - 350g

Price €10.90

Sautéed Zucchini with balsamic vinegar - 350g

Price €10.90

Sweet and sour cauliflower - 350g

Price €10.90

Sweet and sour carrots - 350g

Price €10.90

Sweet and sour green beans - 350g

Price €10.90

Sweet and sour bell peppers - 350g

Price €10.90

Sweet and sour celery - 350g

Price €10.90

Sweet and sour fennel - 350g

Price €10.90

Peperonata (stewed bell peppers) - 350g

Price €11.50

Pickled vegetable mix - 350 g / 1050 g

From Price €11.50

Pickled vegetable mix - 1050g

Price €32.50

Tasting Selection of Cascina Pizzavacca vegetables - 4x350gr

Price €39.90

PDO Gorgonzola cheese, mild - 200g

Price €4.90

PDO Gorgonzola cheese, spicy - 200g

Price €5.50

PDO Fresh Quartirolo Lombardo cheese - 250 g

Price €5.90

PDO Taleggio cheese - 230g

Price €6.50

Stracchino di Vedeseta cheese - 270g

Price €6.90

Sbrisolada - 350 gr

Price €14.90

Quader de Cavra (goat cheese) – 230 gr

Price €7.90

Stracchino cheese – 250 gr

Price €5.90

Buffalo Camembert cheese – 300 gr

Price €8.90