La Meiro

La Meiro was born in the fabulous basin of the Sanctuary of Castelmagno, in the mountains at 1700 meters above sea level, by brothers Pier Andrea and Giorgio Amedeo. At this height there are the best pastures, the richest and most flowering, and the cheese stands patiently and silently in natural places dressing up and colouring itself with noble moulds. High quality milk is the basis of the famous cheese, so the animals are treated as an integral part of the farm and not a mere tool of production, they are more than five years old and produce milk following a life cycle as natural and genuine as possible, they feed on pasture in summer and hay in winter, strictly no GMOs. The newly produced castelmagno is aged in the dark and in silence on axes of larch, the étagères, located in tuff caves. The silence is only broken by the gushing of spring water flowing into the caves. Every day Castelmagno is turned over by the expert hands of the refiner and caressed by the humidity of the water. The minimum maturation period is four months, but it is with the passing of time and the seasons that Castelmagno dresses with noble moulds and takes on fantastic colours, the flavour becomes more and more intense and persistent and the cheese grows and becomes noble. As it matures, the paste becomes compact and acquires a more intense colour, sometimes with blue-greenish nuances, due to the natural development of the mould "penicillium" responsible for the blue veining. In 2016, the Castemagno La Meiro was crowned in Venice at the Italian Cheese Awards as the best mountain cheese in Italy.

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castelmagno di montagna pdo cheese from mountain pasture - 6/12 months - 400g

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