Pasticcerie Sinatti

In an area rich in ancient customs and incomparable beauty, history is preserved and jealously handed down as a heritage of values and teachings that remain intact over time. These in Siena live with strength in a secular memory and a quality recognized and appreciated in the world. Panforte, ricciarelli, cantucci, cavallucci and many other precious "Italian" specialties by Sinatti pastry shops, together with the new creations that have become part of this splendid "taste gallery" and are ready to cheer up many unforgettable moments, are the result of a scrupulously and carefully repeated production cycle, which is constantly renewed, combining creativity and custom for an exclusive refinement and an unmistakable goodness.
For Sinatti confectioners, producing, according to traditional recipes, the typical Sienese sweets, combining experience and professionalism with the most tested and natural processing techniques, is a skillful art that can ensure, at our tables, the primacy of taste and the brand of authenticity.

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"ossi di morto" cookies - 300g

Price €5.90

cavalucci cookies - 500g

Price €7.90

panforte "fiorito" - 450g

Price €13.90

panforte from siena pgi "margherita" - 500g

Price €11.90

panforte from siena pgi "nero" (black) - 500g

Price €11.90

ricciarelli almond cookies with chocolate - 300g

Price €8.90

ricciarelli from siena, almond cookies pgi - 300g

Price €8.90

tasting selection desserts from siena - pasticcerie sinatti - 1.6kg

Price €29.90