Casearia Agri In is a cheese company that produces Pecorino romano cheese PDO where it first originated. It is located in the Tiber valley, next to the Nazzano Tiber Farfa nature reserve, named after the Tiber river, its tributary Farfa and the small lake of Nazzano, that all flow in the park. The abundance of water has favoured the development of a prosperous vegetation, clean air and good environment quality in general. That’s why the company has decided to only use local ewe’s milk to produce extremely genuine cheeses.

Creating excellent products takes a long time and Casearia Agri In takes it slow, paying special attention to its cheeses. The company works in collaboration with other manufacturers in the industry to meet the needs of conscientious and conscious clients who choose a product not only because of its taste, but also because of its high quality, safety and environment protection. Its main product, the Pecorino romano cheese PDO, received in 2015 the Gambero Rosso award and it is the only pecorino in Italy to be produced in the province of Roma, where it is originally from, as its name indicates.

Casearia Agri In successfully combines tradition, experience and technology: as a matter of fact, the company only uses natural ingredients that are produced locally, undergo strict controls and are processed under temperature control and respecting sanitation practices. A short supply chain and high-quality raw materials are key elements to create genuine products with an unmistakable flavour. The new company facilities, spread over an area of more than 1,000 m2, were built in 2011 and guarantee an excellent production focused on efficiency and safety. Inside the factory, there are, however, no automation lines, because every step is still handmade. It is a tradition that, despite development, retains its essence, guaranteeing the production of timeless high-quality products.

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